Hello, are you interested in how art can change your life?

People who come to my practise often experience difficulties with expressing their feelings or they feel emotionally blocked in a pattern which no longer suit their present lives.

If you are looking for inner peace 

If you want to feel more vital

If you want to know about your subconsciousness

If you want to express yourself freely

But also if you are mourning or have a big loss,

or if you need to work yourself out of a trauma,

Come to work with art, painting, drawing, claying, collages or mosaic, experience the way art can beter support your personal process.

You will gain more insight and become conscious of your inner questions. Your  process is more important than the result, you dont need previous experience in art or artistic therapy.

I work based on holistic ( antroposophy ) and scientific art therapy.


" Being human is the art of  developing yourself in each phase of life"


What is artistic therapy ?

Artistic therapy, is a process-oriented non-verbal form of therapy in which the power of colour and form is  used to heal, restore the balance or transform a personal situation.


Who doesn't want to feel more vital? And how can you use your vitality?

Here you can think of a combination of factors, but the starting point of the artistic therapy is that vitality comes from within, from your intrinsic passion for life.

By painting, drawing and modelling you come into contact with your power source in a non-verbal way.

This is accomplished step by step, taking into account your own question and personal process.

Inner Leadership

Inner leadership uses the same techniques as feeling vital. You go inwardly looking for your true identity, so that you can create your life based on that.

You free yourself from unwanted mental and emotional patterns. This includes body awareness, emotional exploration and the use of imagery for inspiration

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Who is talking?

I am Beatriz, I have a graduation on Art Therapies, Nutrition, Social Development and Visual Arts. I follow regurlaly specific courses on art therapies to keep up to date on my category. In 2020 I started my practise at the Molenlaan  in Voorschoten centre. Its a nice lightful place, where  I can work  individually and in small groups.

In pandemic times of Covid 19, I have plenty of space for everyone, and I will follow the rules of RIVM, like 1,5 m distancing and disinfecting all materials. Welcome.