Feel Vital

In the Feel Vital traject you use meditative painting, drawing and modelling or a combination of all three techniques.

Each technique is tailored to your personal situation, both for physical complaints such as headaches, respiratory disorders or insomnia, as well as for psychological complaints such as fatigue, stress, or anxiety .


During a painting session, your breathing is tailored to your use of colour and shape, as well as how you relax your body.

You paint with rhythm, paying attention to your breathing and work structurally towards the completion of your artwork.

This experience is enhanced by a theme such as the seasons, the day-and-night rhythm, the rainbow colours and other combinations of colour and shape that increase your inner space.

A drawing session is aimed at increasing the perceptive capacity, initiating inner movement, and working in an orderly and focused manner.

Meditative modelling is a way to bring yourself into contact with the earthly and physical.

You work concentrated with a ball of clay that you warm with your hands and then shape.

Sculpting or modelling has a harmonising effect on your digestion and a calming effect on your mental state.


You experience that you create and shape your reality.


When is artistic coaching or artistic therapy applied?


Artistic coaching or therapy is used when one wants to activate his empathy and self-expression, that is, strengthen, enlarge or balance it. This involves more personal development areas, such as slowing down, addressing creativity, letting go, forgiveness, or finding the balance between being powerful and vulnerable.


The artistic therapy is applied in all situations where there is a disturbance of the physical and psychological balance.

This includes (chronic) diseases such as high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes or ME, but also depression, anxiety, burnout, sleep disorders or cancer.

The activating or healing effect of  Artistic Coaching and  Artistic Therapy lies mainly in the inner process. The (step-by-step) offered exercises bring the client or patient deeper to his / her strengths and self- healing ability.

This starts the inner mobility that brings him / her into contact with his, sometimes deeply hidden, creative force.

It is precisely the active learning to use this power that is an essential step towards healing.

The process has three phases: exploration and acceptance, experience and deepening and finally completion.

The duration varies from 9 to 12 sessions.