Workshop Day of The Dead

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Day of the Dead Workshop 31-10-2022
this coming Monday there will be a two hours Workshop on Day of the Dead at my Practice and Art Studio in Voorschoten.
We will celebrate Life and honor the one's we loved who passed away.
At this time of the year from the Celts, Aztec and Catholic traditions one thinks that there is a connection with other dimensions where one can celebrate and contribute with the life of the relatives, friends or pets who passed away. This connection is made in the consciousness layer of love and light and physically with symbols, crafts, music, food, drinks and the favorite things of the loved ones. For instances it is in Mexican Tradition an enormous Joyful celebration. The - El Dia De Los Muertos - lasts from 3 to 7 days and is a National Cultural Celebration.
During the workshop you will get inspired and create with different sorts of materials your own work. You have the choice to make a garland or a small paper altar with the symbols you choose.
Making collage’s or cards are also possible, depending on your own creative intention. You will have fun and connection with your loved ones at the same time. These remembrances you will take home with you. There are limited spots available.
Let me know if this speaks to you and subscribe @bialaus .
Time 7 to 9 pm. Address: @Lausartandhealing Molenlaan 39 2251CC- Voorschoten Invest 20 euros